You Dream, We Make It True

A strong foundation requires a strong ERP

Let us help you build a chain between remote worksite and construction office with our one-stop solutions.

  • User can create project report, view sale orders, purchase orders, and project deliverables.
  • Managing material cost, subcontract cost, labor work cost, & work package
  • Users can plan materials, orders, request to stock department and configure project budget.
  • Complete view of project report comprising of, sales order, inventory usage, project deliverables, and work package
  • Analyze material consumed, and create Bill Of Quantity for construction.
  • Users can store a detailed record of all issues regarding construction project

    Why Construction Management Software?

  • Pre-planned budgeting and cost control
  • Best solutions for builders, and contractors
  • Timely approval of projects
  • Monitoring project locations
  • All-in-one platform

Key Modules

Our Key Modules for Construction ERP

Customisable Solutions

One-stop solution that caters to the needs of contractors, house builders, maintenance departments and more. Managers can have instant access to project information with scheduled tasks whenever required.

Digitization of documents

Store all documents digitally for real-time analysis and easy access.

Data Security is our priority

Share work reports to the authorized safely and securely.

Automated Reports

Automatic reports are generated and shared through email.

Improved communication between departments

Bring different departments to work together ensuring data is accurate and up-to-date with no duplications.


  • Project planning for accurate cost estimation.
  • Easily monitor work status of each project, assign duties
  • Facilitate proper estimation of raw materials, designs, labor costs
  • Optimal data security
  • Centralized system for proper decision making