Cross Platform

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Mobile apps have become the most needful criteria for both our lifestyles and business sectors. These applications should ensure smooth operating condition on different platforms say iOS, Android and Windows. Our professional team of experts develop cross-platform approach for quick and cost-effective solution. We aim at creating a single application that can run on several platforms.

Few Words On Cross Platform Development

Cross-Platform mobile app development or hybrid mobile app development is an approach where a mobile app solution is build that is compatible with various other platforms. Our developers use intermediate programming languages say HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Why Cross-Platform?

  • Sharable code
  • Smooth and faster development
  • Cost-effective solution
  • User-friendly
  • Attracts larger audience

A perfect app for your business is READY…

Be competitive… Our expert mobile app developers create mobile versions of your business websites… Cross-platforms are the right choice, to create reliable applications compatible with other customer devices. We at Akira offer a wide range of cross-platform development apps modified to client’s needs.


  1. A combination of native and non-native components affects the performance.
  2. Cannot support rare cases of native-only functions say advanced graphics and animation
  3. Since Android and iOS apps have all its new updations developed by Google and Apple goes, just wait for hybrid apps.