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Managing Your Web store Is Just Simple With ERP!!

In this digital era where shopping is purely blended on online platforms. The emergence of ecommerce websites has driven more transparency in sales.Data’s are securely stored in websites and customers are kept within sales loop. The process is automated where inventory data’s are securely stored and customers are kept within the sales loop.

    How ERP Works??

  • Step 1: Customers place orders in their respective cart and completes the process.
  • Step 2: A confirmation email is sent via ERP software. The inventory data is extracted from the cart and shipping label cost is calculated.
  • Step 3: Payment and delivery alerts are sent to customers.

Your Online Store is here!

  • Stunning website with customizations and standard themes.
  • Categorize your products, display pricelists, sell subscription products.
  • Multi-store management and integration of multiple channels for sales.
  • Generate new leads, real-time tracking of visitors, sales data, and customer behavior.
  • Set alerts on stock levels, and receive notifications on delivery request.
  • Automate e-mail marketing, quick live chat and SMS.
  • Customers can add their favorites to wish lists, get instant access to invoices, with simple sign out process
  • Automatic shipping cost calculation with vivid payment modes

Best in Class Customer Experience

True service is our magic formula. Our work defines our vision. Improve customer experience… Let us build your web store.

Order Placements

Order placements, shipping costs, and discounts are calculated automatically.

Automatic Customer Updation

With ERP software in the ecommerce industry, customers get alerts on their orders, items shipped, delayed or mismatched instantly.

Easy modification

A dedicated ecommerce dashboard where you can add and modify product categories.

Automatic inventory updates

Track your stocks, supplies and sales. Manage inventories in real-time and make critical decision making.


Eliminate time-wastage

Time-consuming areas of customer queries, inventory updates, and price setting can be easily tackled.

Automatic Order Tracking

Customers are eager to find their order status. Now sit back and enjoy the hassle-free process with Akira Software Solutions.

Simplify Accounting

Accounting is the area where human error is most likely to occur. Accounting is the area where human error is most likely to occur. Let us automate the process and ensure accuracy in accounting.