Discover the difference… Enabling Hospitality ERP Softwares!

It’s time to streamline your hospitality sector. Let us provide a better experience for employees, customers and management.

We can seamlessly handle all your hospitality needs from purchasing to payment to name just a few. Akira Software Solutions gained popularity as a game-changing solution for all the hospitality sectors. The process involves inventory management, a point-of-sale system for efficient hospitality management. point-of-sale system that can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements for efficient and optimized hospitality management. We offer a streamlined system with a quick and accurate billing procedure that enables you to quickly process orders, increasing your operational efficiency.

Why ERP for Hospitality?

Wow factor customer experience

Customer service is the crucial area to be focused in any industry. Hospitality ERP softwares has all that you desire to personalize customer experience. It helps customers track room availability for a much better experience.

Centralised System

A centralised management system is most demanding to manage housekeeping, repairs, room service etc. We manage your workflow eliminating repetitive tasks and human errors.

Simple Reservation Process

With the rise of online platforms, customers rely on booking reservations from different devices either online or prefer calling. Hospitality ERP enables managing data’s on overall occupancy rates, the status of room etc. Eliminating the complexity and human errors.

Run Hospitality Business Efficiently

From sorting customer worries on cleaning rooms, delivery of luggage, meals, reminders etc. needs proper hospitality management system. Let us facilitate your business operations using ERP software thereby ensuring all the front desk staffs have access to relevant datas.

Odoo ERP for hospitality

  • Facilitates an efficient room booking system from a single dashboard, track room availabilities, provision to add room bookings, and clear analysis of booking history in a calendar view
  • Manage multiple rooms & lodging facility, paid service to customers
  • Efficient management of room service, manage hotel bookings, update check-ins and check-outs.
  • User-friendly dashboard where customers can search rooms based on categories, real-time notification, and check-in, check-out process
  • Automated invoice generation for room booking. Customers can download the invoice directly from the e-commerce website.
  • Admin can cancel the bookings on demand and even charge them for cancellation.