Welcome to the world of Infographics

Be the boss of your brand

You may be missing out on some valuable digital marketing strategies for customer attraction… Here we go with infographics. Share your brand awareness visually in a more engaging way. It’s the most compelling form of conveying brand awareness to get viewers’ attention. Our talented and dedicated graphic designers convey complex brand information in bits of simple format. We draft content that an average user can consume and never over-complicate.

A powerful storytelling tool

All of us are visual creatures. The more viewers’ process the brand information, the more they make decision making. We at Akira Software Solutions get your visuals most appealing and worth of sharing. Share your infographic snapshots on social media, blog posts and press release. We do concern every aspect of infographics from the very colour tone to fonts to text alignment. to name just a few.

Data visualization

Our graphic designers are expert hands in representing visual data. As the name suggests, in data visualization, data’s are transferred visually where you can easily and instantly understand. It has the power to translate meta patterns or single data points into a simple format where your story is easily sharable.

Information Design Infographics

Let’s display your brand information most efficiently and effectively. Information designs are expressed in flowcharts, diagrams, timelines, illustrations. Visualize latest solutions, brainstorm ideas, clearly and concisely. The goal is to communicate informative data very clearly to the audience.

List Infographics

Do you want to share a collection of tips, share an idea or topic with bullet points, and summarize your product presentation? We have all that you desire...

Why Infographics ?

  • Improve decision making
  • Increase shares & likes
  • Talk-worthy about your products and services
  • Build brand awareness among audience
  • Viewer’s engagement
  • Improve SEO
  • Convey the complex concepts
  • Easy to understand for visual learners