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Let us serve non-profit organisations with a scalable ERP software…

Non-profit organization requires an easy, and affordable solution to cater the changing needs in their business industry. Financial management, workforce management, process management need to be streamlined to improve business productivity.

Why ERP?

When resources become scarce, allocation of funds becomes a matter of concern. Finding source of revenue, operating expenses, employee salaries and project funds is however a painful area for non-profit organizations. All you desire is a comprehensive financial management system to record complete financial data and generate accurate reports as well.

  • ERP for non-profit organisations handles all such reports accurately and timely.
  • Time saving will shoot up, increasing productivity in future.

ERP for the Non-profit sector

Project Management

Employee Management

Choose the right ERP for non-profit!!


Understand your organisation’s needs & insights, the strength and risks of establishing a business, type of services offering.

Info & Requirements

Once you gain information on business functionality, enlist software requirements.

Knowledge Simplify

Choosing the right ERP requires knowledge on whether the software is beneficial to you, or whether it interacts with your donors