2D Animation

With Infinite Possibilities…

Adding Creativity to Brands

The word 2D animation mostly resembles entertaining Classic Disney Films. But today, it plays a crucial role in the world of marketing.
Several marketing campaigns incorporate engaging 2D animation videos which have more impact on viewers. Akira is a top-notch software company offering quality services to growing businesses all around the world. With a global work record of converting thousands of concepts into live results in website designing and development, mobile app development, e-commerce store development, and other digital solutions, Akira is a perfect choice in building your business.

Why 2D Animation?

It’s a huge comeback of two-dimentional animations for engaging, entertaining potential customers. To convey complex brand information more easily, 2D animation is the right choice to reach wider range of audience. The best way to communicate your products and services is via 2D animation.

pre production

Concept creation, Storyboards, Rough script reel (animatics), Character design.


Animate shot by shot, Design backgrounds in 2D space.

post production

Audio-visual editing Rendering the final output.

A new perspective

We offer our clients various styles of character animation, motion graphics animation, white board animation etc. Let us introduce styles of colors to brands, character design to illustrate your products or services and more. Marketing is made easy with creative solutions. Let’s create the creativity. Our experts create the finest possible 2D animation designs by using the highest quality objects and other materials. These objects have been skillfully revived to assist you in visually communicating your thoughts.

  • Character designing
  • Creating storyboards
  • Sketching special effects
  • Character animation
  • Choosing colour palettes
  • Preparing backgrounds etc.

Animation of Characters

We give characters life by imbuing moving pictures with illusion and thinking. Our expert designers manipulate authentic interface graphics to create more mesmerizing effects.

Animations on Whiteboards

With our whiteboard animations, we use a variety of themes and ideas to help you communicate what you want. Our team introduces the concept of real interactivity to your video, creating a more immersive experience.


  • Cost-effective
  • Visual understanding grabs more attention
  • Easy to update
  • Fun way to educate your viewers
  • Convert website visitors into customers