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Healthcare ERP Solutions right here!!

Our ERP for healthcare management system is designed to meet the requirements of the healthcare industry thereby reducing the overall costs. A fully customizable and user-friendly modules for scheduling physicians and patients.

Are you looking forward to providing quality patient care, and reducing clinical errors? We have all that you desire in a single platform. A centralized module for quick access to patient records helps hospitals/clinics make better decisions making. Now Hospital management has become a click way.

Our Key Process of Healthcare System

Patient Registration

Patients can register in the hospital portal with details of emergency contact, personal information, health history, and patient payment history. Instant notification is sent to patient's email/mobile after the registration is completed.

Patient Tracking

Reminds and informs patients of their health reports. Physicians have quick access to patient health information enabling fast and timely care.

Report Generation

Our system generates instant reports to the patient ID and connects to the pharmacy. These electronic storage of health information ensures confidentiality of patient information.

Reduced Operating Cost

Different tasks say payroll management, account management, inventory handling and human resources management are automated increasing the efficiency of healthcare organizations.

Appointment Scheduling

Our solution generates automated appointment scheduling for registered patients. Patients can review the availability of physicians, fix time slots, and accordingly schedule the appointment.

Doctor Consultation

The long wait and hectic queues are finally over. As soon as they show the registration ID number to the reception, they can quickly access the patient booking history. The front desk can also send all the relevant health details of patients to the concerned doctor. Effective communication is facilitated between physicians and patients.


Pharmacists can verify the e-prescriptions of each patient and provide concerned medicines. With a printed prescription.

Better planning

Hospitals can identify areas of improvements and bring strategic planning to boost their operational efficiency.

Key Modules

Our Key Modules of Healthcare System

Remote access to patient reports

With a single click, hospitals can access patient health records thereby improving patient experience.

Minimizing operational costs

We provide ERP for health care that automates various back-end processes and reduces operational costs.

Monitoring healthcare processes

Some of the key facilities say patient identification, electronic medical records management and other emergency situation are initiated at ease.

Improve patient health

Effective communication is facilitated between physicians and patients. Physicians can provide timely care and make better decision making.

Confidentiality of health information

No doubt!! Medical records are highly confidential. Are you still filing them in folders? These sensitive information are stored in a secured system that ensures only authorized users have access.

    Why ERP in healthcare industry?

  • Cost control in clinical administration
  • Operational efficiency
  • Patient health status update