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Trading Operations with the Most Trusted ERP

The trading industry is undergoing significant changes and demands with the growing needs. Speed is critical to success. As a result, many business leaders are exploring the path to digitization to implement an affordable and Smart ERP system. We ensure your business operations satisfactorily making it the finest solution for running a trading business. Our ERP solution for trading companies supports a broad range of industry modules.

Best-In-Class ERP Solution

Our enterprise solution best suits to meet all trading and distribution needs ensure business profitability. All you need is an efficient supply chain management solution to improve your sales and grow business accordingly.

  • Shipping, delivery, product movement (incoming, departing, in the house), product tracking, product administration
  • Advanced user interface
  • Identify negative stocks
  • Order Pickup
  • Tracking inventory by barcode or serial number
  • Inventory valuation is reported in real-time
  • Reintegration of landed costs into product costs to have a more accurate inventory value
  • Dropshipping allows distributing products straight to your consumers from supplier
  • Cross-docking transfers the merchandise from shipping to delivery.
  • Easily Multiple warehouse management
  • Creates re-ordering rules to ensure inventory is adequately stocked.
  • Categorize your inventory
  • Forecast reports
  • Manage delivery, purchase, manufacturing, and vendor lead times
  • Barcode integration
  • Automate purchase workflow on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders
  • Request for quotation
  • Forecast manufacturing orders
  • Keep track of supplier’s price list, supplier’s stock availability, order status and implement quick purchase decisions.
  • Accurate reporting on delivery delays, product purchased, discounts negotiated etc.
  • Create sales orders, manage invoices
  • Advanced payment options
  • Invoice generation
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Tracking overdue payments
  • Have a clear forecast of future bills
  • Renewal alerts
  • Clear reporting on customer statements
  • Handles warehouses of multiple locations
  • Structures batch-wise product storage for easy product picking
  • Building quotations in seconds
  • Converting quotations into sales orders
  • Easily track and manage invoices
  • Managing contracts and renewals
  • Track delivery status of orders
  • Instant reports
  • Invoice analysis

Industry Specific Features

Our ERP software for a trading company enables businesses to gain a 360-degree view of their customers and seamlessly transition conversion quote to cash.

Management of Sales Orders

Receive real-time order status and inventory on hand. Effectively manage sales, automation, price quotes, order fulfillment, waybill generation, Advanced price tracking, discount application, and inventory status monitoring.

Lead Management

Our trading enterprise solution enables you to meet customer demand and streamline the tracking and management of inventory in the pipeline. This automated system efficiently manages leads from vendors.

Inventory Control

A specialized inventory module to support company's warehouse operations from product purchase to delivery management. You can accurately determine the stock locations, dispatch, adjust and reorder inventory. The holistic view of your warehouse inventories. Akira, where you can trust!!

Customer Support

Our customized trading software establishes a process for tracking and resolving customer complaints. A ticketing system is used to track issues, and tickets can be issued automatically when a customer sends an email. Automated email/SMS notifications are sent to customers upon issue resolution. Additionally, you can manage your products' guarantee/warranty.

Human resource management

Human resources are the most critical component of SMEs. HRM is a goal-oriented approach to increase the employee productivity. Our ERP software automates attendance, payroll, and expense Reimbursements to enable advanced management and prevent duplicate entries.